Reality takes a holiday on High Street

Even though the settlement is secret, we know Hood gave guarantees of non-prosecution to State Farm and to specific individuals in the company, or State Farm would not have settled. It’s one thing for Hood’s relatives and friends to go around saying the case was “dismissed,” because that is technically true — all cases are eventually dismissed. Doesn’t say anything about who won the case, but they are in fact dismissed or terminated at some point. It’s quite another for Hood to imply, in a written statement, one that was not off the cuff but which he had time to look over, reflect on, edit and correct, that a judge found the allegations of the lawsuit to be false.

Some of those enemies of his that Hood talks about in the op-ed appear to be managing his schedule and writing his material, because he is also going around to the media further discrediting himself. He is saying he is sidelined for the duration of the judicial bribery investigations because they involve folks who contributed campaign dough to him. He cites prosecuting these people as a conflict of interest. Maybe, in the sense that when you prosecute someone it conflicts with your interest in getting more campaign dough from him. But an actual conflict of interest, no. The conflict, instead, is in not prosecuting someone because they are a friend of the Attorney General.

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