Renfroe seeks inquiry into whether new Katrina counsel associated with Scruggs, KLG

The motion asks Judge Senter to consider whether new counsel Provost-Umphrey, a Texas firm recommended by tobacco lawyer Don Barrett, of the late Katrina Litigation Group, to former clients, has ever been “associated” with the KLG in Katrina litigation. If so, the legal memorandum argues, Provost-Umphrey would have to go (I included the exhibits to the memorandum as part of the link).

The motion is really only a motion to consider whether they are associated counsel — it admits the facts aren’t yet known, but says two other firms that were disqualified were booted only because they self-reported on Katrina litigation links to the KLG. The Renfroe motion encourages the Provost firm to do the same, points to the firm’s own publicity about representing policyholders in Katrina and Rita litigation, and wonders whether that representation included working with the cast of the Katrina Follies.

Paragraph 16 of the memorandum is the key one to read. Up until that point in the memo, I would have said there is nothing there. That paragraph, however, makes me want to know more. It certainly puts pressure on the Provost firm to disclose anything that might resemble the type of association that is covered by Judge Senter’s disqualification order.

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