Trailer Lawyers need professional help

I have no idea what the Trailer Lawyers are like in real life, they may be great people, steady as a rock, unflappable, whatever. I only comment on what I see in their public fight with State Farm, and, I’m trying to say this in a way that is not completely unkind. They need some professional public relations help.

This bombastic, chest-thumping pose they strike in pleadings and interviews with friendly newspaper reporters is not the way to go. It’s got the smell of fear to it, desperation, evasiveness, running for the tall grass. Whereas this kind of thing calls for a certain touch of Cary Grant, of David Niven, a certain grace under pressure, kind of like the characters Will Smith plays in the movies, the Trailer Lawyers give off the aura of folks in a chair fight on the set of Jerry Springer, some cross between Woody Allen and Travis Bickle, Robert DeNiro’s character in Taxi Driver. (“You talking to me?”).

Their selective analysis, including that incredibly ill-advised pleading where they refused to use the word “trailer,” tells you that they are getting their clocks cleaned public relationswise.

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