Scruggs Nation, Day 24: Christmas vacation

First, I don’t assume that State Farm has done no wrong. I don’t assume it has done wrong either. I am not emotionally invested one way or the other as to its rightness or wrongness. I read and interpret publicly available documents and discuss the evidence. My conclusions derive from the evidence that is available to me — others have other opinions, and that is why they make vanilla and chocolate. There may be facts I do not know, this is true. However, I am not sure if her observation is meant to suggest State Farm has done wrong based on her knowledge of secret, undisclosed grand jury information that cannot be contested or examined — if so, I would take issue with such an extrajudicial statement coming from a state law enforcement official who works for an office with the power to drag ordinary people through the mud and threaten to indict them, whether in aid of civil cases or otherwise.

Second, the same door is open to Courtney Schloemer and Jim Hood as to anyone else — e-mail me or call me and give me your perspective. As I said, my opinions are based on the evidence available to me.

Third, the documents I discuss are open-sourced and publicly available. Readers of this blog are quite sophisticated and can make up their own minds and draw their own conclusions.

Fourth, I don’t believe I have mentioned Ms. Schloemer’s staff, favorably or unfavorably. I didn’t know she had one. If she hadn’t mentioned these three investigators, I would not have known they existed. I do not know their names or what they do, therefore I cannot drag them through the mud. In fact, I am not sure why she speaks of them — prior to this mention of them, they appear to have been mud-free.

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