Scruggs Nation, Day 6

Is it just me, or is it kind of creepy that Scruggs is partying and Scruggs’ friends like novelist John Grisham are going around saying Scruggs couldn’t have possibly participated in this alleged bribery scheme — see this great post on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog where Lattman interviewed Grisham — while folks walk around considering Balducci as some sort of illegitimate spawn of Hitler for participating in something they otherwise claim didn’t happen. You know, I think this is the time for Mississippi AG Jim Hood to stand up, show some leadership and defend the honor of the man he appointed as “special assistant attorney general.” But Hood’s whereabouts these days, like those of Balducci, don’t seem to be known. Maybe one of these days we will have another Hood sighting.

David Rossmiller
Insurance Coverage Law Blog