Scruggs Nation, February 20: hearing day

Overall, I was taken by how easily the government seemed to swat down the defense arguments — the brief is only 10 pages.

Here is the government’s response to the motion to dismiss for outrageous government. It’s got a great timeline of events in it. The exhibits are something you’ll want to see. Here is Part I of the transcript of the November 1, 2007 recording after Balducci was busted and the feds sent him back to the Scruggs Law Firm to bag the rest. Check out page 37 for a description of Jim Hood as a Pez dispenser for multimillion dollar cases.

Here is Part II. Check out page 49 for Balducci being upset with Hood for favoring Joey Langston and not wanting to dance with the one who brought him. Also, check out starting on page 50 where Backstrom and Balducci discuss Dickie Scruggs’ role in the bribery scheme. Start reading on page 67 for discussions directly between Scruggs and Balducci — interesting bit on page 75 where Scruggs is making suggestions how the judge can edit the order, including punctuation — plus a lot more. Doesn’t look good for Scruggs. From the looks of things in that transcript, it wasn’t too dumb for Dickie.

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