Scruggs Nation, March 17

Now, come on here, with all due respect, Scruggs “thought he couldn’t trust the system”? He got nailed in the Luckey lawsuit for holding back on a partner. What does it mean, under those circumstances, to say “He thought he couldn’t trust the system”? He lost a fair fight, so he decided — as Joey Langston and Tim Balducci have testified — to make his own unfair system?

And if so, how much different in concept is that from the way he conducted the tobacco litigation — having P.L. Blake run around doing Lord knows what to earn his millions, making use of insiders stealing documents and mixing law and politics like a well-shaken martini? It’s time to take that standard profile of Scruggs and round-file it. Let’s admit that prior conceptions and explanations of the man were woefully wrong, let’s admit that many or most of the people closest to him were the most wrong about him, and let’s start again from scratch. Throw away all those newspaper and media stories sucking up to Scruggs, and let’s start anew. I don’t say the man is all bad, far from it, I find many things about him to admire. But now maybe both the good and the bad will get a hearing — one where someone hasn’t put the fix in.

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