Scruggs Nation, March 24: ten unanswered questions

3. It seems evident that the government will seek an indictment against Scruggs for his alleged role in the Wilson case. Why did they wait until the conclusion of the Lackey bribery case rather than going after a superseding indictment and rolling all the charges into one?

4. Where will Dickie Scruggs do his prison sentence?

5. What exactly does the phrase mean that Balducci used with Judge Lackey, “lay the corn on the ground”?

6. Will Jim Hood continue to hand out multi-million dollar cases like a Pez dispenser? (Scroll down to the middle of the post).

7. Will we ever find out what exactly P.L. Blake did for those millions?

8. Returning to the issue of the Wilson case, was the timing of Joey Langston’s guilty plea anything other than a justification to use the evidence as prior bad act evidence against Scruggs? Were there plans to roll up the Wilson case, but then these plans were scrapped?

9. When and if all the information on the Wilson case comes out, I’m sure going to be curious to see the testimony about Trent Lott’s role in the call to Judge DeLaughter, aren’t you? I mean, given that he had known Bobs Wilson for a long time, and given that Dickie Scruggs was his brother-in-law, is it possible that he could have been unaware that Judge DeLaughter had before him a case involving Wilson and Scruggs? If he did know, how is that OK? If he didn’t know, how is that OK?

10. In thinking about this, it seems to me that when Mike Moore was brought on the Zach Scruggs’ defense team, this indicated a fighting strategy, a trial strategy. If this is so, what happened to change this strategy and make Zach willing to take a plea agreement just a short time later?

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