Scruggs Nation, March 31: the Scruggs is gone, long live the Scruggs?

Here’s a guy who bragged openly about “magic jurisdictions” where the outcome was rigged, and about using the legal system as a form of media/political/public relations insurrectionist coup, and as far as many were concerned, Superman came up short in comparison. He goes around with a Magic Jurisdiction Show and no one questions how the same card keeps turning up on top of the deck every single time. What a coincidence, amazing! The question now is, how many other times did he get away with the same or similar conduct? Another question: why did he get away with it? And a third: if he did get away with other similar conduct, who looked the other way or just didn’t give a rip, and should they be held accountable now?

Oh, and I almost forgot the last question: if there is more, how many others were involved, and what were their names? Inquiring minds want to know.

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