Scruggs Nation, May 27

As you may recall, this story came out about the time I was headed to Florida and also when I hit a particularly nightmarish patch of extreme busyness, which continues in full force. So I did not read the New Yorker article until Dunn Carney’s marketing director, Marjory Morford, left a copy on my chair one day last week. Although I am a subscriber, I couldn’t find that issue at home, which is not entirely surprising — I have a 4-year-old daughter who likes those little subscription cards that fall out of the magazine when you open it, and she may have walked off with it and hidden it in her private library, wherever that happens to be at the time.

Here is a link to the story. As yet, it is still only in abstract form on the website, so you can’t read the full text at the link. My reaction? My first reaction was that it could have been called “Best of Dickie Scruggs,” or “Scruggs’ Greatest Hits.” I don’t mean to imply it was pro-Scruggs, certainly not in the sense of the adoring press coverage Scruggs received a year or two ago — it was an even-handed, fair story. It was a very good overview, caught a lot of the great details. (But I would have liked to see some more of the Falstaffian Jim Hood in there, and at least some mention of the Trailer Lawyers). However, despite the article’s length, I did not learn much about the why of it all, I would have preferred an article that could have been called the Psychology of Pscruggs.

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