Scruggs Nation, post-Ides of March, pre-St. Patrick’s Day edition

So it wasn’t just pride or arrogance, it also had something to do with the special conditions found in Mississippi. As we’ve talked about before, not every legal endeavor Scruggs engaged in was successful. We can ask ourselves — has he had any successes at all, in fact, where he was not able to manipulate the results through the political process or, let’s put it this way, other means?

I myself don’t see Scruggs as a particularly arrogant man. I see him as a practical man, a man who well understood the use of ambient tools — he’d use whatever was at hand as an aid for his litigation. I see him, in fact, as having a particular genius for this kind of creative work that overcame his moral principles. Maybe that’s hubris, maybe it isn’t. But the explanation goes much, much deeper, and my understanding of it is still far from complete.

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