Scruggsellaneous odds and ends

One argument that seems so tired and worn-out that even Scruggs’ lawyers can’t summon any enthusiasm for it is the one about the law enforcement exception in Judge Acker’s injunction. The injunction required the Rigsby sisters and their agents and all those who act in concert with them, “with the express exception of law enforcement officials,” to return to Renfroe’s attorneys thousands of copies of State Farm claims documents they took. You know by now what Scruggs did, so Renfroe’s lawyers wouldn’t get them — he called up Hood, they talked it over, and Scruggs sent his docs to Hood, who already had his own copies. Hood’s office sent some communications to Scruggs to try to give him some cover, then later apparently got a little spooked and sent another letter, after Scruggs had already gotten rid of the documents, saying only give them to us if it doesn’t violate Acker’s order.

The argument is that Scruggs did nothing wrong in sending his copies to Hood, because Hood is a law enforcement official and there’s that exception, don’t you see. This argument just seems to get lamer and lamer each time I see it, lamer than a three-legged mule, lamer than a convention of Elvis impersonators, lamer than the word “lame,” which is totally out of style.

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