Stars in stripes: Dickie Scruggs reports to prison

I got a chuckle out of the headline and lede of this Associated Press story: “Anti-tobacco lawyer Dickie Scruggs has reported to a federal prison in eastern Kentucky.”

Anti-tobacco lawyer? Is that an apt description? If anything, I think Scruggs would be described as pro-tobacco — after all, without it, he wouldn’t be pulling in his $50 million a year, or whatever his take is. If those tobacco companies weren’t around, Scruggs would be just another con trying to get large by lifting weights, instead of being the richest guy in the cell block. Maybe “pro-money lawyer Dickie Scruggs” would have been more accurate, or more accurate yet, “pro-Dickie Scruggs lawyer Dickie Scruggs.”

No word yet on whether he has hatched any escape plans.

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