Trailer Lawyers demand sanctions for ‘scurrilous’ allegations relating to Rigsby Trailer Summit

Let’s take a look at the most recent Trailer Talk:

Having made scurrilous and unsubstantiated accusations of wrongdoing against former
United States Attorney Todd P. Graves and the law firm of Graves Bartle & Marcus LLC
(“GBM”) in its recently-filed motion to disqualify, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
(“State Farm”) now seeks to preclude Mr. Graves from personally appearing before this Court to defend himself. These are the desperate actions of a desperate company.

There is no basis for denying Mr. Graves pro hac vice admission to this Court. There is
no basis for disqualifying Mr. Graves and GBM from continuing to represent the Government’s interests in this matter. There is not a wisp of evidence that Mr. Graves or any other GBM attorney violated the Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct or any other ethical standards by which they may be judged. GBM did not access State Farm’s confidential databases, GBM did not make any improper payments to Cori and Kerri Rigsby, and GBM was not associated with the Scruggs Katrina Group or any successor entity.

Question: what interests of the government do they represent? Hasn’t the government declined to get involved in this lawsuit?

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