Update on McIntosh v. State Farm case, May 19

Let’s look at something else, from Judge Walker’s rulings on specific State Farm discovery requests.

Request No. 23 seeks documents “picked up or otherwise retrieved by Richard Scruggs from a highly placed source at State Farm on a trip to Bloomington, Illinois, which Richard Scruggs referenced in a March 30, 2006 interview.” The Scruggses’ objection to this request is that it is “not reasonably calculated to lead to discoverable evidence” in the McIntosh case and that the documents are privileged “to the extent that they were provided by individuals who are clients or former clients of Messrs. Scruggs.” The Court has been provided nothing upon which to base a finding of privilege, and orders Richard Scruggs to produce the requested documents.

I don’t recall this interview that is mentioned here. What is this, a case of Scruggsian bombast and psychological warfare? Who at Bloomington, the headquarters of State Farm, would have so lost any remaining impulses of self-preservation as to give documents to Scruggs? No one, I suspect, but I guess we will find out, because the Court ordered Scruggs to turn over these documents.

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