Update on McIntosh v. State Farm case, May 7

The effort to find lawyers for the McIntoshes, plaintiffs against State Farm in one of the signature and most bitterly fought Katrina cases, continues to run into snags. You may remember Judge Senter’s order of April 15 in which he clarified that his earlier disqualification order pertaining to the Scruggs(less) Katrina Group, aka the Katrina(less) Litigation Group, is broad and pertains to any law firm associated with the SKG-KLG.

In my review of the docket of this case, it appears another Mississippi firm may run into problems trying to represent the McIntoshes. The Lumpkin & Reeves firm, of Biloxi, has asked Judge Senter, in an abundance of caution, for clarification whether it can represent the plaintiffs. State Farm opposes the entry of the Biloxi firm into the case based on its participation in a deposition earlier in the case and, apparently, involvement in presenting arguments or information to the Court in conjunction with the disqualified lawyers.

Dickie Scruggs is viral right now, no doubt about it. When he sneezed, a lot of lawyers caught a cold.

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