Y’all Nation, March 5: can y’all be used as a singular pronoun?

The questions for the jury: What was the difference in meaning, if any, between the two uses of “y’all”?

Did “y’all” refer to a second person the accused claims was present and who fired the shot before placing the smoking gun in the accused’s hands and running off?

Did “y’all” refer to the accused, who was there by himself, and to additional criminal conspirators who were not present?

Or did “y’all” refer to only the accused, as the victim may have been merely impersonating a true Southerner but was in fact from Oregon and didn’t know the right way to use the word?

Could the Oregonian victim have been addressing the real killer who ran off, or perhaps the real killer and an accomplice unseen by the accused?

Or was the victim watching a video called “Best of Y’all’s Bloopers” at the time of the killing, and was the voice that of a New Jersey-raised actor speaking with a fake Southern accent?

And what of the Manchurian Candidate “stealth” judge on the state supreme court who stands ready to review any conviction — a hot supermodel turned jurist and secret linguistics expert who unbeknownst to herself is the twin sister of the victim, separated at birth and raised by sweet potato farmer “parents” who are really members of a criminal gang specializing in the brainwashing of children, and who have long been plotting the ultimate, perfect murder?

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