Zach Scruggs gets 14 months prison time

Also present and representing Zach was former Mississippi AG Mike Moore, who at one point, to the apparent surprise of the judge, who said he was accustomed to only one lawyer speaking on behalf of a defendant, interjected some bunk about counseling Zach over the last year and how he’s now very remorseful.

Judge, the only thing I will say, because I ‘ve known Zach since he was a little boy, what has occurred in this case is completely out of character for him. And I ‘ve counseled with him and worked with him over the last year, and I can promise the Court that he is very remorseful and very contrite and ashamed, ashamed of what has occurred.

Yeah, right, I can hear you now, what you’re saying to yourself: “Moore was counseling him? That might be part of his problem right there.” This is of course a very cynical view which I in no way endorse, I merely note that some may be thinking this. The Moore statement apparently went over with the Court like a lead zeppelin, because as mentioned, the judge sentenced the younger Scruggs to 14 months, contrary to the recommendation of prosecutors for a sentence of probation. (You may recall, if you know your rock and roll history, that Keith Moon, the fabled drummer of The Who, heard that Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham were going to form a new band out of the debris of The Yardbirds, and Moon supposedly said that the new band “would go over like a lead zeppelin.” Thus the name of the band, Led Zeppelin — the simplified spelling was, no doubt, so as not to confuse fans of heavy metal).

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