Press Release: Mississippi House Republican Conference

Subject: Public Employees Retirement System – 13th Check
Date: October 18, 2011
To: For General Distribution
From: The Mississippi House Republican Conference

Contact: Mark Baker, Republican Leader. 601.824.7455.

We the members of the Mississippi House Republican Conference, oppose any plan to discontinue what is known as the “13th Check”. The “13th Check” is the cost of living adjustment that is granted to public retirees each year. We each believe that there is an inviolate agreement between current retirees and employees that represents an irrevocable contract that cannot, will not, and shall not, be broken under any circumstances whatsoever. We, collectively and individually, will not support any suggestion, idea, thought or plan to eliminate the “13th check” or in any way to change, alter or amend, in whole or in part, the arrangement current retirees and current employees have with PERS.

Quite simply, the many valued members of the PERS System have been there for our state and we will be there for them; this is our promise and we will fulfill it.

The Mississippi House Republican Conference
Rep. Mark Baker, District 74
Republican Leader
Rep. Philip Gunn, District 56
Republican Conference Chair
Rep. Mark Formby, District 108
Assistant Republican Leader
Rep. John Moore, District 60
Republican Conference Vice-Chair
Rep. Bill Denny, District 64
Republican Floor Leader
Rep. Jessica Sibley Upshaw, District 95
Republican Conference Secretary
Rep. Sam C. Mims, V, District 97
Assistant Floor Leader
Rep. Jim Ellington, District 73
Republican Conference Treasurer
Rep. Bubba Carpenter, District 1
Rep. E. Forrest Hamilton, District 6
Rep. Wanda Jennings, District 7
Rep. Larry J. Baker, District 8
Rep. Noal Akins, District 12
Rep. Margaret Rogers, District 14
Rep. Mac Huddleston, District 15
Rep. Brian Aldridge, District 17
Rep. Jerry Turner, District 18
Rep. Jim Beckett, District 23
Rep. Sid W. Bondurant, District 24
Rep. Dannie Reed, District 35
Rep. Gary Chism, District 37
Rep. Jeffery C. Smith, District 39
Rep. Russ Nowell, District 43
Rep. Ted Mayhall, District 40
Rep. C. Scott Bounds, District 44
Rep. Bobby B. Howell, District 46
Rep. Tommy Woods, District 52
Rep. Alex Monsour, District 54
Rep. Rita Martinson, District 58
Rep. Kevin McGee, District 59
Rep. Ray Rogers, District 61
Rep. Tom Weathersby, District 62
Rep. Andy Gipson, District 77
Rep. Billy R. Nicholson, District 78
Rep. Steve Horne, District 81
Rep. Greg Snowden, District 83
Rep. Gary V. Staples, District 88
Rep. Bobby Shows, District 89
Rep. Becky Currie, District 92
Rep. Bill Pigott, District 99
Rep. Ken Morgan, District 100
Rep. Harvey Fillingane, District 101
Rep. Toby Barker, District 102
Rep. Larry Byrd, District 104
Rep. Herb Frierson, District 106
Rep. Frank Hamilton, District 109
Rep. John Read, District 112
Rep, Hank Zuber, District 113
Rep. Jeff Guice, District 114
Rep. Scott Delano, District 117
Rep. Casey Eure, District 116
Rep. Roger Ishee, District 118
Rep. Richard Bennett, District 120

Paid for by the Mississippi Republican Party.