At a meeting with some area Republicans, State Representative Mike Lott, a candidate for Secretary of State, commented on the recent actions of the U.S. Senate concerning the illegal immigration issue. Lott has been the vocal legislator to introduce attempts that address the different facets of the illegal immigration dilemma at the state level.

?I am extremely disappointed in what has happened on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., this week. I am more convinced than ever that our nation?s leaders are out of touch with mainstream America. The issue is plain and simple—-the rule of American law,? Lott stated. ?This dangerous piece of legislation focuses on what we can do to help those who have broken American law to get into this country, instead of focusing on what this problem is costing American taxpayers and how it is adversely affecting our nation.?

Lott, a former history teacher and school principal, reminded the group that nations throughout history that have fallen are ones that have failed to protect their borders. He said, ?If America is going to survive, then we must put a stop to the free passage across our borders. I fear that we have already created a situation where we have allowed terrorist groups to enter and begin their work of destroying us from within. We have immigration laws, and after 20 years of ignoring them, it is time Congress starts enforcing the laws on the books.?

When asked what he would suggest as a solution to this complicated issue, Lott quickly responded, ?In addition to enforcing current laws, first, we get control of the borders; second, stop the flow of money and assistance to anyone who cannot prove their legal presence—-healthcare, college admissions, and all other forms of assistance; third, set up a workable system whereby the legal status of workers can be accurately verified; fourth, do not allow children born to illegal aliens to be classified as U.S. citizens; fifth, be certain that any guest worker program is temporary in nature, does not pay for healthcare or education, and creates no path to citizenship.?

Lott?s audience listened attentively for over twenty minutes as he discussed his authorship of voter identification legislation and answered questions about illegal immigration, one of which addressed how the immigration issue applies to his bid for Secretary of State. According to the eight-year legislator from Petal, ?Immigration, whether legal or illegal, is directly related to voter integrity issues, because in Mississippi no one has to prove citizenship to have his or her name placed on the voting rolls. As the chief elections officer of our state, the Secretary of State should be willing to take a strong stand against illegal immigration and work to insure voter integrity for everyone, regardless of race or political party.?

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