In Alabama, Legal Matters Can Rest Until After the National Championship Game

The Sixth Amendment is the one that grants citizens the right to a “speedy trial,” and later court cases established that part of the process to determine whether the right has been violated is judgment on whether the delay occurred for “other practical considerations.” I can’t imagine how filing a motion to continue for the purpose of heading to Pasadena and watching Alabama play for a national title would be considered anything other than practical in Alabama.

Friends of the Program has the full scoop on the unorthodox motion, with scans for those who need to read motions to continue on an otherwise pleasant Wednesday. They note that this has happened before, both times in Louisiana; that just means that Alabama’s making up for lost time in the Using My J.D. To Further My Fanhood category of superfan.

But, really, think of the Auburn fans, who deal with these Rammer Jammer-ers daily. An Auburn grad on the plaintiffs’ side opposed the motion in court, displaying the sort of generosity with loathing that you would expect from the fan base that already missed the chance to file motions like this because of the BCS meltdown in 2004. Maybe the legal War Eagles should try nitpicking about the “BSC Title Game” invented on the second page of the motion.