The Mississippi Legislature’s youngest lawmaker may still be learning the ropes but from his entourage one might believe him to be the second coming of Congressman Bennie Thompson or President Barack Obama.

Moss Point state Rep. Jeramey Anderson (110) appears to have his own district staff, a luxury no other state lawmaker seems to enjoy (at least there are none that so prominently promote it).

In a recent Mississippi Press article Anderson’s “press secretary” have a comment while on his Twitter feed the state representative noted the departure of his chief of staff.

“@RepJAnderson: Today was the last day for Representative Anderson’s Chief of Staff to serve in her capacity.”

But don’t worry… The now former chief of staff is moving another position on his staff. Anderson noted, “Tomorrow Liza Abney will be appointed as one of Representative Anderson’s Policy Advisors on Social Services.”

There are other references to staff on his Twitter feed as well, such as for a constituent liaison and others.

One has to wonder if and how Anderson are paying these “staff” or if it’s merely a well rehearsed act in his own political theater.