In rapid-replacement profession, these coaches have ‘write’ stuff

Athletic directors have gone Dr. Strangelove. They have their finger on the button, and they’re not afraid to use it.

For those of you who have lost count, five college football coaches have resigned, been fired or found their nameplate missing this season. It used to be that ADs had the decency — and patience — to wait until the end of the season to pull the lever on the trap door. Now it’s a sprint to see who can first hire coach headhunter Chuck Neinas.

Coaches’ careers have been altered, whether they like it or not. It takes only a couple of strokes of a keyboard to make a guy a candidate. Any denials are accompanied by a sly smile. The coaches aren’t grousing. The worst that can happen is they get a raise.
It’s the second week of November and already the process seems a little tedious. The same five names are attached to every job opening. recently discovered job application letters from some of those coaches (wink, wink).

Like Mike Leach’s offenses, we hope this behind-the scenes look spices things up a little bit.