Key legislative races on tap Tuesday

“I’ve always felt that anytime I had the opportunity to step up, I needed to do that,” Bomgar said. “If more good people stepped up at every opportunity, the shape and the face of politics would look different.”

Citing his “passion for Mississippi, enthusiasm and work ethic,” Bomgar said his ability for problem solving makes him the ideal candidate.

Bartley, 48, a self-described entrepreneur and businessman who used to operate grocery stores, said his “number one priority” as a representative would be “protecting our public schools.”

A supporter of Initiative 42 to adequately fund K-12 public education, Bartley said he wanted to ensure public schools “get what they need from the Legislature” and are “adequately funded.”

“Initiative 42 is the main thing, to make sure our schools are funded and the schools have the required revenue that they need to function properly.”

Clarion Ledger