In this zero-sum game, Slive and the SEC need Oklahoma

The Big 12 is down to a Lesser 10, and within days it could be reduced to Iowa State and Baylor. Nebraska has joined the Big Ten, which technically numbers 12. The Pac-10 has picked off Colorado and is hopeful of adding five more Big 12 expatriates, flagships Texas and Oklahoma chief among them. But the Pac-10 would seem to have less in common, both geographically and philosophically, with Texas and Oklahoma than would a certain other conference.

The SEC plays better football than the Pac-10. The SEC plays better football than anybody. The SEC includes schools based in the Central Time Zone, which the Pac-10 as yet does not. The “SE” stands for Southeastern,” which could be applied, albeit loosely, to Texas and Oklahoma, neither of which abut the Pacific Ocean.