Inaugural Minutes: Picking a hardwood Cabinet and bailing out the SEC

The Minutes does solemnly swear for the rest of the season to faithfully execute a weekly rundown of 40 names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college basketball. So help me Wooden (1).
My fellow Americans, this is a great moment in our hoops history. A basketball-loving president takes office Tuesday, performing an ankle-breaking crossover from the two terms of his baseball-favoring predecessor. The transition game is on.
The new guy regularly plays pickup ball. (The Minutes wonders whether Secret Service will intervene in the event of a hard foul. Then again, not even Rick Mahorn would dare lay out the leader of the free world on a drive to the hole.) His brother-in-law, Craig Robinson (2), is the head coach at Oregon State. He’s been known to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket or two (for entertainment purposes only, of course).
So when they play “Hail to The Chief,” basketball fans will have someone else to think about other than Robert Parish. Barack Obama (3) is a baller.
On with the inauguration. And with the inaugural Minutes of ’09.

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