Gainesville, Fla. —- In the past two years, Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin have directly collaborated on more than 200 plays and close to 3,000 yards of high-wire-act offense.
That doesn’t mean Tebow has a simple formula for Harvin’s madness. After all, this time Tebow is certain of one thing —- Harvin will probably score this Saturday against The Citadel in the Swamp.

As to how, when and from where on the field, that’s all part of Harvin’s mystique as one of the greatest Gators offensive weapons of all time.
“With a guy like Percy Harvin, when you say he has three touches or five touches in a game, you want to increase that to eight and 10 touches a game, but also you don’t want everybody to be keying on him and him double-covered and still try to force him the ball,” Tebow said.

Tough call. It’s one that offensive coordinator Dan Mullen must make every game while worrying about getting the ball to all the other playmakers on the Florida offense.