Thad Cochran’s Executive Assistant Accompanied Him to 42 Countries on 33 Taxpayer-Funded Trips

In media reports and other documents that occasionally surfaced her name in past years, Webber was described as someone who “organizes social events” for Cochran (1989), a “receptionist” (1992), and “staff assistant,” none of which are commonly used to describe senior responsibilities in a congressional office.

When asked about this, Russell said, “Like any senior staff person traveling with a Member of Congress, Ms. Webber performs those tasks necessary for the Senator to do his job effectively. She attends official meetings and social functions when appropriate, relays information and action items back and forth to the Senator’s other staff, and helps the Senator maintain his travel schedule. She has extensive knowledge of the Senator’s dealings with individuals and officials in Mississippi and in other countries, which is invaluable in the performance of his official duties.”