Scruggsipus Rex: Review of ‘Kings of Tort’

Yeah, I know, what’s with me, right? How many blogging comebacks am I going to make, and when am I done talking about Scruggs? I get asked about blogging all the time: when am I going to start again, when am I going to start again and stop quitting, and so forth. Fair questions. At some point, I either have to blog or cut bait, and what I’ve decided to do is blog. With some help, as you will see in the coming days.

Also, while I’ve never been one to stick strictly to the putative subject matter of this blog — insurance — I’m going to broaden the subject matter a bit beyond insurance and Scruggs. Because let’s face it, while it’s well known that insurance analysis is the rock ‘n’ roll of the 21st Century, and that it provides not only endless intellectual challenges but also invitations to all the cool parties, a little variety is a good thing.

David Rossmiller reviews Kings of Tort for MC Law School

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