In the hot races in Jackson, the challengers are outraising incumbents by a significant margin.

Local Attorney Cory Wilson has raised over $90K for a House race with over $75K on hand. His opponent Cecil Brown has only raised about $4K this period, but still has $62K on hand. Something that just jumped off the page was that Derrick Johnson (Harvey Johnson’s former campaign guru) is working, at some level, on Brown’s campaign. Finance info on Stacey Webb, Brown’s primary challenger, was unavailable.

In a contested Senate race, incumbent Richard White has raised an anemic $2K (not a typo), while his opponent David Blount (former communications director for Eric Clark) raised an impressive $80K with $76K on hand.

In other races, Merle Flowers from DeSoto County continues to build an impressive warchest for a state senator with over $176K in the bank.