Jackson County Sheriff Charles Britt secretly taped: State auditor’s investigation ‘frickin’ fixing to blow up’

PASCAGOULA, Mississippi — In a secretly taped conversation between now fired Jackson County deputy Louie Miller and Sheriff Charles Britt about a state auditor’s investigation, the sheriff confesses, “I’ve got that feeling that it’s frickin’ fixing to blow up.”

The audio, released today by Miller’s attorney, was recorded after a Sept. 11 lunch from the parking lot of Woody’s Roadside restaurant in Ocean Springs.

Louie Miller, who was briefly the leader of the department’s criminal investigations division, was fired Wednesday and retained attorney Adam Miller (no relation) to represent him.

His hand-delivered termination letter said he was fired for failure to read, understand and comply with orders, conduct unbecoming, and lack of respect for fellow officers and employees.

But Adam Miller said all three reasons were “completely false” and claims the firing was politically motivated.