Internal affairs in the SEC

Let’s look a little deeper, as we always do this time every week, with our Internal Affairs view of the conference:

1. Back to Auburn football: There will still be some spread principles, and it won’t look exactly like it did a year ago at this time. But you can count on Auburn going back to more of its power running game Thursday night against West Virginia than we’ve seen all season. The Tigers had last week off to refine everything, and the biggest difference is that they’re going to give their offensive linemen more chances to aggressively come off the ball and win one-on-one battles. It’s Kodi Burns’ show at quarterback. He won’t need to be looking over his shoulder and will no doubt get a chance to use some of his running skills. But look for the Tigers to get downhill as much as possible with Ben Tate getting a lot of carries.

2. The Wild Berry: