Interview with RGA Chair, Gov. Haley Barbour

Wednesday morning, we will know you will have how many come January?

GOV. HALEY BARBOUR (R), MISSISSIPPI: Actually, John, we hold 24 right now. And if we don’t have at least 30, I’ll be disappointed. And it could be in excess of 30.

KING: As we come down to the wire, California, the Democrats are feeling confident. Florida seems to be a tossup, Democrats feeling more and more confident there.

What about those two big — two states there?

BARBOUR: I still think California is very competitive. I think we have a slight edge in Florida, but I think it’s competitive. Look, we need a big turnout tomorrow. Two votes matters and a big turnout among conservatives and Republicans, Independents, who are voting this year almost identical to Republicans, all that’s very important. But those are two close races where you have Republican governors or of them you have an Independent now. I guess that’s why you said we have only 23.