DEQ releases BP travel details, claims double-billing ‘error’ after three years

In the process, the agency discovered the contractor, who is currently under scrutiny by the FBI, double-billed for the tickets in an “inadvertent billing error.”

Former DEQ Director Trudy Fisher and consultant Amy Whitten traveled to Houston and San Antonio in July 2012 to attend meetings related to negotiations and restoration efforts following the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of April 2010. …

…On Friday, DEQ told The Clarion-Ledger that “a billing error occurred,” which “resulted in an inadvertent double billing for the airfare.” The tickets actually cost just $887.20 each.

“A billing error? We asked about this three years ago,” Rejebian said Friday. “So it begs the question: How many other ‘billing errors’ haven’t they found?”

Balch & Bingham has agreed to pay DEQ back the difference, $1,774.40.

Clarion Ledger