Iowa Republican – Never underestimate Barbour

6. Haley Barbour: Barbour didn’t do himself any favors when he gave some remarks that outraged many social conservatives when he was in Iowa earlier this summer to headline a Republican Party of Iowa event. That said, Barbour is in a perfect position to set up a presidential run.

Having control of the reins of the Republican Governors Association leading up to the 2012 caucuses never hurts. In that capacity, Barbour is able to travel the county, increase his fundraising ability, and make friends in some targeted states like Iowa.

As for how he would fair in Iowa, I would never underestimate him even following his remarks earlier this summer. Barbour is an unabashed conservative who isn’t afraid of anybody. If he runs for president, he will be in it to win it, and Iowa would probably be key to his strategy.

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