Is Bama a jinx on coaches?

When I heard the news the other day that Bill Curry had accepted the head-coach position at Georgia State, I didn’t feel happy for him. I didn’t say “bravo” because a 65-year-old loser as a coach wanted to keep working and trying to influence young men in a start-up program.
Instead, I felt sad.

All I thought was here we had another coach trying to undo the damage of a miserable career and try ing to exit college football on a high.
What’s really remarkable is that now yet another former Alabama head football coach has landed in yet an other truly horrendous job. It makes you wonder if Alabama now hasn’t ended up on the completely opposite side from Miami of Ohio, which is often referred to as the Cradle of Coaches because so many famous ones worked there before going on to greatness.
Make room for a new saying: The University of Alabama — Coaching Graveyard.
Is Alabama a jinx job? Does the pressure of the position beat coaches down so much that they are hardly ever the same again? Or has Alabama made (mostly) a series of bumbling choices over these past 25 years?