Is Mark Richt on the Hot Seat? No, Not Yet

Predictions about next season are largely irrelevant. Caveat: Unless the coach fails to meet expectations again. That’s why I differ with the other part of the Get the Picture post I linked to above: “I’ve got a proposal for everyone who wants to indulge in this tiresome hot seat speculation: tell us what the 2010 belly flop will be and why. Otherwise, you’re just jerking our chains.” Actually, I’ve outlined exactly why I think Georgia could have another subpar season next year. But, again, we return to the odd part of this whole hot seat conversation: You can be on the hot seat and have a good year, and odds are that you will then no longer be on the hot seat. Fans reward winning. But that doesn’t mean you’re not on the hot seat to begin with. If your contention that Richt is not in danger of losing his job is based at least in part on the notion that he’s not going to have another subpar season next year, the question I would return would be: What do you think happens if your prediction that he will do well next season doesn’t come true?