Trent Lott: Happiest Man Alive Over Return of Senate Seersucker Day

Given the response to his Seersucker Day Fashion Do’s and Don’ts advice for the House, it was apparent at House votes on Monday evening that Trent Lott is to Seersucker Day as Mr. Miyagi is to Karate.

“When Trent Lott talks about seersucker, we listen,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., said…

…For those who think Seersucker Day is beneath the dignity of the Senate, he rolls his eyes.

“The Senate’s too damn stuffy,” he said. “They need to loosen up a little bit.”

Is this his legacy?

“I never looked at it really that way,” Lott said. “What is important is it’s one little thing the Senate can do in a bipartisan way, laugh at each other and have a picture made and enjoy each other’s company.”

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