Author Curtis Wilkie appeared on Paul Gallo’s Supertalk program this morning and had a few interesting comments about Dickie and Zach Scruggs.

In an exchange on the fairness of Judge Neal Biggers (who presided over the Scruggs’ criminal cases), Curtis Wilkie stated,

Dick (Scruggs) told me that he felt that any proceeding before Judge Biggers would be the equivalent of the ‘star chamber’ . . . that they’d put a black cloth over his head.

Yikes. Apparently there’s no love lost there.

Most interestingly, Wilkie implied from conversations he has had with Zach Scruggs that he believes that Zach is indeed interested in practicing law again. When asked by Gallo what Zach was doing, Wilkie replied,

Zach is looking. I think . . . he’d love to be able to practice law again. He has this motion before the court to have his conviction vacated as a result of the US Supreme Court decision last summer.

That flies in the face of Zach’s lawyer Chip Robertson who just last month spoke with columnist Patsy Brumfield.

Prosecutors say he wants to regain his legal career, which he lost with his plea.

“That’s not in the cards,” said Scruggs’ attorney, Edward “Chip” Robertson, later Tuesday. “Zach said he’s not interested in practicing law again.”

Who’s right? Stay tuned. I continue to believe that this story (and all of its characters) will get more interesting by the day.