It just doesn’t get any better than college football in the South

From the Sports Think Tank….
Wow. Another beautiful weekend in the South, full of games, tailgating, seniors, coaching hot seats,
cheerleaders and fun. gameballs go to:
Penn State: Kudos to Joe Pa and the Nittany Lions for going into the Horseshoe and winning. Another great
story in college football.

Alabama: In only his second season, Nick Saban has the Tide competing for a National Championship.
Saban will continue to make other coaches in the league look incompetent.

Texas: Brad Edwards, with ESPN, told us not to sleep on the Longhorns this summer. Texas is outstanding.
And Colt McCoy is the POTY.

Georgia: After getting pounded by Bama. Georgia has proved they can play physical-SEC football. Stafford
is worth the cable bill and then some. What about this quote from Coach Richt:

“Matt is really maturing,” Richt said. “He is staying in there when everything is flying around him and focusing downfield and throwing strikes. That is what he has got to do. That is the way he is going to make Georgia better and that is the way he is going to make a living for many years to come, I imagine. He’s doing it as fine as I’ve ever seen him do it, and (against LSU) he might have done it much better than anyone I’ve ever coached.”

Florida: Another team that is getting better every week. Should be an outstanding game in Jacksonville, Fl this weekend.

TCU: How long before a big-time program snatches Gary Patterson away from TCU?

Ole Miss: Emotional week for Houston Nutt. Big win for Ole Miss in the land of Walmart. Rebs have a chance to run the table
and go to a decent bowl game.

On the bubble gameballs: North Carolina, Florida State and Virginia. The ACC is a weak conference, but we see some teams
improving every week.

by The Sports Maverick