It’s a brave new world, Auburn; join anytime

Dear Auburn Baseball,

Greetings from Hoover, where you missed another week of intense, sometimes flawed, but always compelling SEC baseball.

LSU returned as king. Your chief rival, Alabama, made a run to the semifinals. Top prospects showed their stuff for the scouts. Large crowds, lots of them, cheered them on.
And once again, Auburn, you were MIA.

It’s been five years since you last played at the SEC Tournament at Regions Park. My bad. You probably still know it as The Met.

Since you last played here, every SEC team has reached the conference tournament at least twice. You’re the only one that hasn’t been here over the last two years, let alone five.

Where have you gone, Auburn?
You’re the program that produced Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Tim Hudson and Gregg Olson.
You’re the school with the best college ballpark in the state.
You were one of only four SEC teams to reach the SEC Tournament every year between 1997 and 2003, something not even Alabama did.