It’s a do or Ty die season for Willingham

Tyrone Willingham was nearing the end of media day, aka The Hope Fest, when he encountered a question most pertinent to his future.
“Do you think this team will be in a bowl game this year?”
Willingham responded unblinkingly. “Yes.”
Somewhere, Joe Namath shrugged. It’s not that risky a guarantee. If Willingham is wrong, he won’t be around to explain his miscalculation.
If the Washington football coach is right, however, rewind to this day, credit him for his rigid resolve and then watch him sign a contract extension.
With practice under way, we can now unveil the inescapable theme of the 2008 Huskies season: Do Or Ty Die. Grab your magnifying glasses. Scrutinize the coach more than ever, if that’s possible. This is the year everything becomes clear.
We’ll be examining Willingham, but he’s not the most important figure in this fight. Ultimately, the coach’s fate lies with the snotty-nosed young talent on this roster.