It’s been 20 years since Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and fired Tom Landry

The enormity of being the man who fired Tom Landry haunted Jerry Jones for a long time.
In some ways, it still does.
But the load was lightened in the spring of ’93 when Jones and Landry held a secret mano a mano at a mutual friend’s house in North Dallas, a meeting that remained under wraps for years.
By then, Jones had owned the Dallas Cowboys for four NFL seasons and already had one Super Bowl title.
Yet, what Jerry was missing was closure with Tom.

You have to know this to appreciate the fallout from Feb. 25, 1989, when Jones, a 46-year-old oil and gas man from Arkansas, bought the Cowboys and lease rights to Texas Stadium from H.R. “Bum” Bright for $140 million, then immediately replaced an NFL coaching icon with old pal Jimmy Johnson from the college ranks.