The Hattiesburg American Editorial, 12/8/7

By Trent Lott:

Last week, I announced I’d be retiring from the Senate when the Senate ends its current session. That’ll be sometime in late December depending on when we finish appropriations bills and other pending Senate business.

My reasons are varied, but basically it’s a family decision – one that I’d planned to make a few years ago, but, as many of you know, Hurricane Katrina delayed it.

Mississippi has some of the best local, state and federal leaders we’ve ever had, and I’m confident they’ll continue leading us in the right direction.

As for who’ll be my successor, that’s up to Gov. Haley Barbour and the people of Mississippi. The governor will appoint a capable Mississippian to serve as senator before a special election takes place. I’ve told Gov. Barbour I’ll be glad to offer my advice. But the decision as to who our next senator will be his, not mine.