Today, the Clarion Ledger presented a much-ballyhooed “breaking news” story that Pastor Jeffrey Stallworth has filed a federal lawsuit against Phil Bryant and the MS Legislature over the bill recently signed into law seeking more regional representation in the airport.

The complaint below is worth the read.

Stallworth v. Bryant – Airport

But perhaps even more interesting is the complaint filed 10 days later where Stallworth sues Bryant and the former Governor of the State of Maryland for not rescinding his status as a sex-offender.

Stallworth v. Bryant/Maryland

There’s myriad interesting background to Stallworth.

Here’s a good background of the start of his issues.

Here’s another where a $200 million countersuit from Stallworth was dismissed.

Those in Jackson who were looking for a vehicle to fight the airport issue will likely be dismayed that this was the first case that will ostensibly carry the banner in that fight, if history is any indication.