Luther Munford: What Initiative 42 does, doesn’t mean

It has proposed an alternative, Initiative 42A, which sounds a lot like Initiative 42. Initiative 42A would require an “effective” free public school system.

The purpose of this proposal, however, is not to help the schools but to split the vote so that neither alternative will get the 40 percent of the total vote required to amend the constitution.

That’s right. If 39 percent of the voters choose “adequate and efficient” and another 39 percent choose “effective,” then there will be no change, even though 78 percent of the voters will have said they want additional constitutional protection for funding our public schools. This is the time-honored trick of “divide and conquer.”

This is why it was important for Kidd to step in and, as the state statute statute requires, choose a title for Initiative 42A that states “as clearly as possible, the differences in the measure.”

Luther Munford is an attorney who lives in Jackson. He is the sponsor of Initiative 42. He was not involved in the court suit over the title to Initiative 42A.

Clarion Ledger