Legislators trade law books for text books to serve as `Principal for a Day’ in OS schools

“I think most of them were incredibly tired by the end of the day,” said superintendent Bonita Coleman-Potter, who visited each school and met with each legislator. “It was very taxing.”

Sen. Brice Wiggins served at Ocean Springs High School, Rep. Charles Busby at Ocean Springs Middle School, Sen. Michael Watson at Ocean Springs Upper Elementary, Rep. Hank Zuber at Magnolia Park Elementary, Rep. John Read at Oak Park Elementary and Jackson County Chancery Court Judge Neil Harris, filling in for Rep. Jeff Guice, served at Pecan Park Elementary.

“First and foremost I was impressed with the dedication of the teachers and administrators here,” said Zuber, himself a product of the Ocean Springs school system. “The amount of energy they have to teach our children five days a week is incredible.

“It was eye-opening. I think we’d have a much better dialog about education in this state if my colleges in the legislature had this same opportunity.”