Jackson council to select interim mayor

During past hospitalizations, Melton has selected a council member to temporarily take his place.

Council President Leslie Burl McLemore said the mayor was not well enough to select his replacement at this time.

“He is in no position physically to make that decision,” McLemore said. “Because he is incapacitated, the council statutorily is empowered to select a person from amongst ourselves.”

Melton was rushed to St. Dominic Hospital Tuesday night. Little information has been released about his condition. Melton has suffered from heart-related illness throughout his first term.

McLemore said he plans to volunteer to serve as interim mayor since he is the only council person not running for a public office. He is retiring at the end of the term.

The interim mayor will serve until Melton can return to work or until the new mayor takes office. Melton lost his re-election bid, placing third in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

Clarion Ledger