BRIAN SANDERSON and DENISE DOYLE: Officially, Republicans have not spoken

On April 16, a Letter to the Editor from Barry Roe said the “Jackson County Republican Party” supported particular candidates in the Republican primary to be held June 3.

The Jackson County Republican Executive Committee is the official, legal “Republican Party” in this county and charged with administering the affairs of our party and speaking on its behalf. The Jackson County Republican Club is an organization that promotes Republican viewpoints, supports Republican candidates in general elections, and hosts regular meetings for its large, growing membership.

As organizations, neither the County Executive Committee nor the Republican Club endorses or supports one Republican candidate over another in a contested Republican primary election. This policy and practice is no different during this election. While individual members may support a particular Republican candidate, our organizations do not.

Barry Roe is not a member of the Republican Executive Committee nor the Republican Club and, according to our records, never has been. There is not an “Ocean Springs branch” of either organization. While he may express his personal views and support, he has no authority to speak on behalf of the Republican Party in Jackson County.

We regret this misleading and confusing statement and look forward to a large voter turnout in the Republican primary June 3.



Jackson County Republican Executive Committee



Jackson County Republican Club