Jackson County leaders support bill to put brakes on higher NFIP rates

Jackson County supervisors followed through with a resolution to Congress on Monday supporting U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo’s bill to put the brakes on the Biggert-Waters Act that is expected to cause national flood insurance rates to skyrocket along the Coast.

“This is a resolution to support doing something to stop the Biggert-Waters Act,” Board of Supervisor’s President Mike Mangum said.

“It outlines the problems we have on the Coast and explains that we need to do everything we can go mitigate the increased cost of compliance with this thing and do everything we can to slow it down and stop it,” Mangum said. “It’s a detriment to future business growth and it will hurt small businesses.”

There also is a concern that National Flood Insurance Program rates going from hundreds of dollars a year to thousands of dollars a year on homes in flood-prone areas could cause people in middle- to low-income brackets to walk away from their homes.

The Board of Supervisors has expressed concerns that homes in certain areas will no longer be affordable.

Sun Herald